Shifting FOCUS

I am trying to shift the focus of my Yoga practice.

For a long time it was all about in fact competing with myself:

“Better, stronger, more!”

And nothing wrong with that per se, but for me it just reinforced feelings of not being enough and keeping me in doing instead of being mode.

Now I consciously set an intention of making my practice a nurturing one.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t engage in challenging poses, but doing so while listening to myself and resting in child’s pose when I need to instead of pushing through which is an all too familiar pattern in my everyday life.

Instead practising being gentler with myself and attuning to my needs.


What I am grateful for today:

Felt especially grateful for the sunshine today, that allowed me to sit outside, and soak up the warmth while enjoying my latte and a croissant (and yes, you can’t be gluten-free, super healthy all the time, as long as you eat it mindfully and with JOY :), which I did)


Day 1 of my 14 day mindfulness challenge – Abdominal Breathing

MeditationWoman_myyogalivingThis is Day 1 of my 14 day mindfulness challenge.

Every day for the next 14 days I will do a mindfulness meditation.

Today the focus was on abdominal breathing. The breath is such a great indicator of where we are at. If we are stressed or anxious, chances are that our breath is up in our chest area, either shallow or rapid. Bringing the breath down into our belly has an instant calming effect on our system. Making us feel grounded and soothing our nervous system.

What I am grateful for today:

  • I slept OK!
  • Found some answers to questions I was pondering before going to sleep!
  • Doing my mindfulness meditation this morning!




Staying with WHAT IS – Day 34

Yesterday I saw an osteopath for some treatment on my sore neck and shoulder.

I felt very relaxed after the session.

What was surprising to me though was waking up in the middle of the night flooded with fear and drenched in sweat.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, unresolved emotions get stored in our bodies and may make themselves known through muscle tension, aches and pains, destructive behaviour etc.

On the other hand muscle tensions and aches and pains can also have a protective function. For example, preventing us from feeling the emotion underneath our system may not be ready to be with just yet.

So what happened to for me was that some of the painful emotions underneath my neck pain got released through the osteopathic treatment. They are challenging to be with but for sure part of the process of resolving it, so THANK YOU!

What I am grateful for today:

  • Finding some peace and quiet in the morning
  • Having my own space
  • Having so many amazing practitioners in my area