Back at YOGA – but how confronting

Image courtesy of  "Beautiful Yoga Girl At Sunrise On The Beach" by samuiblue

Image courtesy of “Beautiful Yoga Girl At Sunrise On The Beach” by samuiblue

I am back at Yoga.

What a humbling journey though.

The first sessions were excruciating. Even the slightest stretches send my body into a pain spin. And being confronted with how quickly my flexibility and muscle strength waned. After 6 weeks of a break (I kept up regular walking) my body felt really stiff, inflexible and weak.

The explanation my chiropractor gave that because the body adapts the best way it can often a domino effect is created. As moving is painful, the muscles around the  affected area tighten which results in a loss of motion range and flexibility in this area. Surrounding joints and muscles will compensate for that thus overworking them and eventually creating the same irritation to the nerves as in the affected area.

Because my neck and back issues are still present the yoga asanas I can engage in are limited. Yes, I am happy to be back at all but it also makes me realize how much of my positive sense of self is being wrapped up in physical fitness and taking my body for granted.

What I am grateful for today:

  • That I can practice Yoga asanas
  • That my spine issues have improved and the pain has lessend
  • My increased body awareness


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