Staying with WHAT IS – Becoming UNSTUCK

Ever felt gripped by that feeling of “STUCKNESS”. When there is no CHANGE, nothing seems to move and you don’t know any constructive steps forward?

This is quite a familiar feeling for me. So finding Jennifer Louden’s 15 Radical Ways to Get Unstuck felt like a real gift to me. So I would like to share some of them with you. Here are her 15 suggestions of getting you unstuck:

  •  Acceptance – Decide that whatever is stuck will never change.

  • Forgive yourself for everything you believe lead you to this stuck place.

  •  Tell someone the FACTS about your stuckness to prove that you are really stuck.

  •  Go into a room with nothing for 3 days (no internet, phone, TV, books etc).

  • Hire the best and put your entire attention on solving this stuck.

  •  Keep an action journal in which you write down the actions you take everyday to get unstuck.

  • Interview your stuckness through left hand right hand writing, let it answer with your non-dominant hand. Questions to ask:

  • What is your name?
  • Where did you come from?
  • What gift do you have for?
  • Why do you love me so much?
  • How do you love me?
  • What do you need?
  • How can I help you get it?

If you want to read more about getting unstuck click on 15 Radical Ways to Get Unstuck!

What I am grateful for today:

  • Jennifer Louden’s post.
  • Looking out of the window and seeing the sun shine.
  • Catching up with a lovely girlfriend.

Staying with WHAT IS – Being PULLED

Image courtesy of “Idea go”

On some days it seems more difficult to hold the polarities of life than on others, to stay present to the tension of both sides.

Especially, if you have a tendency like me to experience the EXTREMES.

But nothing is ever just all good or all bad.There are opposites, pros and cons in everything we  do and experience.

Polarities are a normal fact of life, the issue lays in how we are dealing with them.

Whenever I feel those strong pulls in either direction and I notice myself reacting rather than making mindfully an informed decision, I try to be still. Find some space to sit with and journal about what is going on. To help me discern what is true to my AUTHENTIC self  and what is a defensive reaction to manage my anxiety about uncertainties.

What I am grateful for today:

  • My mentor who helps me name and contain those strong pulls.
  • My capacity to learn and to grow.
  • My space: Emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically.

Staying with WHAT IS – How to be successful as a Yoga Teacher

Image courtesy of Ambro

Ever wondered what it takes to be successful as a Yoga Teacher? Do you know why some teachers strive why others not? Brooke McCarthy from Yoga Reach has written two interesting articles on why some teachers become known around the world while others struggle to pay their bills.

As success factors she lists the following:

  • Being confident that you your yoga teachings are valuable
  • Being able to adapt your teachings to individual needs
  • Being consistent and committed in your professional efforts
  • Being driven and able to leave your comfort zone
  • Being clear and articulate about where you want to be
  • Embracing Karma Yoga

For more information read the full articles:

Staying with WHAT IS – Balance versus Acceptance

“Image courtesy of wandee007

Haven’t visited this space for a while. Went on a trip and travelled to new places comes. Finding my focus being re-directed from the internal to the external.

Guess what’s required is more balance.

I seem to fluctuate between these two extremes but in the long-run I hope I will find some middle ground.

Or maybe I need to make peace with exactly that.

Namely that there are phases of self-reflection and internal processing and then there are phases for these new learning to be implemented in real life. Because whether you have truly integrated new learnings only shows itself in your interaction with others.

As with everything in life, its a cycle.

Thank you!

What I am grateful for today:

  • My yoga class this morning
  • The yummy Thai curry my partner cooked for me
  • Walking in the sunshine