Staying with WHAT IS – Day 35

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How do you handle “sticky” conversation topics?

Like climate change or other controversial conversations?

Not that climate change is a sticky topic for me, I know that it exists.

But you may come across people who might not agree with that.

So what do you do?

Jennifer Louden, some might know her as the comfort queen has shared her experience on that very situation.

Click here for her post:–Savor+%26+Serve%29

In short, her strategy was to not only offer a few references like Richard Muller’s recent “conversion” on climate change.

and Bill McKibben‘s Rolling Stone article on GLOBAL WARMING.

but she also managed to stay calm because she was able to anticipate that that would not only serve her but the cause best.

Also check out Elizabeth Lesser on TED how to have a real dialogue with someone who doesn’t agree with you:

What I am grateful for today:

  • My morning walk
  • My yoga class this morning
  • The fresh crisp morning air

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