Staying with WHAT IS – Day 22

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Very little sleep!

My partner kept coughing throughout the night because of phlegm built up in his chest.

After tossing and turning for hours I couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to give him an energetic chest clearing treatment. Consciously attuning to the congestion in his chest area and releasing it.

Not much later, he was already soundly asleep when I suddenly noticed phlegm built up in my body!

My sinuses and nasal passages felt congested and I couldn’t stop sneezing, which seemed to be my body’s way to get rid of the toxins I had taken on through the treatment.

At 5:30 I decided it to be fruitless to get some more sleep and instead turned to my morning practice.


And to my surprise after a first round of asanas my system had calm down and my nasal passages had cleared up.

I guess my questions with this are:

  1. How do you create a semi-permeable boundary between yourself and a client, to protect your own system?
  2. Once unwanted energy has gotten into your system how do you clear it out?

Looking forward to your comments! THANK YOU!

What I am grateful for today:

  • Having the space, time, mental, emotional and physical ability to do my practice
  • My coconut chai latte, favourite morning drink
  • My morning bike ride

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