Staying with WHAT IS – Day 18

When I woke up today I felt this BURST OF EXCITEMENT for the day ahead.

My body felt light and my chest area open, the muscles of my face were relaxing and I could feel myself smiling.

I was excited going to Yoga this morning, knowing that I would meet a new instructor which I very much looked forward to.

I like trying new classes as everyone teaches a bit differently and it is interesting to observe my response to that:

Sometimes I might go into resistance, an inner voice saying “this is not the way I have been trained” or I might go, “well this is another way of doing things”. Without judgement knowing that there are many ways things can be done.

Just be curious about the way you are responding as it is such a good indicator of where you are at!

Today I felt very lucky as my good mood transpired into the class and I really enjoyed it. I felt open to the new poses we were taught, was able to stay with my breath and allowed myself to rest when I needed to.

By the way, have you ever tried standing forward bend with the palms underneath your feet (Feet on Hands Pose / Padahastasana) but the palms facing DOWN?) 

The other thing that really stayed with me was: BE AMAZED about what you CAN DO and don’t judge yourself for the things you can’t.


What I am grateful for today

  • A good night’s sleep
  • Being able to be excited and enthusiastic about the day ahead
  • My morning walk
  • The yoga class this morning

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