Staying with WHAT IS – Day 11

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Tonight I dreamt about my Father. He died 9 years ago.

Dreams spring from the unconscious mind. And the unconscious mind does NOT differentiate between real and imagined.

So when I woke up it took me a while to remind my self that his physical form is no longer with me. At this realisation I was overcome by sadness as I still miss him, his humour, his wisdom and the calming effect he had on my Mother.

Dreams are a powerful bridge between mind and body, thinking and feeling and provide important insights into your unconscious. The more you pay attention to your dreams the more you move towards your authentic self.

In my dream my Father gave me a heavy folder to carry. I had to coax it from him but at the end I could convince him that it was easier for me than for him.”

I associate these elements of my dream with maturation, stepping more into my adult ground and taking on responsibility. Things I am grappling with at the moment but I know and shown by this dream I have the resources to do. THANK YOU!

What I am grateful for today:

  • My dream and that I was able to remember it
  • My morning walk
  • Inhaling the fresh morning air

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