Staying with WHAT IS – Day 9

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I can become very frustrated and worked up about the aches and tightnesses I encounter during certain yoga poses. I often want to force my body into something it is just not ready instead of listening what it wants to tell me.

There is a good reason why there is a tightness in my hip or chest, why my shoulders sometimes feel as if they are carrying the way of the world. And they probably have been there for a long time. My body is constantly giving me important cues on what to focus on and what I need to process and learn during my journey.

So the ask is not to override the tensions but breathing into them and coming into to relationship with them.

During my yoga class today I felt quite challenged when there was one long holding core pose after the other. I felt a lot of resistance and got quite angry at the instructor for not teaching in the way that would suit me. Fortunately after a while I was able to remind myself that I had choice. I am the one responsible for making the class suit my needs by listening to my breath, adjusting the poses when I needed to and resting in child’s pose when I needed to ground myself and regain my strength.

What I am grateful for today:

  • For the yoga class this morning
  • Enjoying a walk in the sunshine
  • The Full Moon

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