Staying with WHAT IS – Day 5

What is your BODY CLOCK telling you?

I woke up this night at 3:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. There can be different reasons for sleep disturbances and I know that my tendency to worry and obsesses accounts for a lot but it is also useful to consider the ORGAN MERIDIANS  which the Chinese Medicine terms the “web of life” (Gach, Michael Reed, with Carolyn Marco. The Organ Meridians. In Gach, Michael Reed, with Carolyn Marco. Acu-Yoga: Self-Help Techniques to Relieve Tension. New York: Japan Publications, Inc., 1998, pp. 99-119.)

According to the Chinese Body Clock each organ is linked to specific hours of the day when it is most active. On the other hand, the organ at the opposite side of the clock, 12 hours away, is at its lowest energy.

So given that I woke up between 3:00am and 5:00am, I know that this is the time where the Lung Meridian is most active. The Lung Meridian controls the voice, respiratory system, the sweat, skin health and immune system health and is linked to grief and detachment. So it is very normal to feel a bit blue when waking at this time. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence then it might be worthwhile to explore the underlying issues like for example unresolved grief.

What I am grateful for today:

  • My organic soy chai latte, so warming
  • That the sun is shining
  • Meeting a dear friend soon
  • For this very practical yoga therapy book: “Acu-Yoga: Self-Help Techniques to Relieve Tension”

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