Staying with WHAT IS – Day 3

I Didn’t sleep well last night. Tossed and turned, my mind was racing my chest felt really tight. It is scary not having clear directions, visions and set goals that can be put into action. But that is were I am at. Kind of a free falling with no safety net.

So where to from here?

I have tried exploring different paths, making lists of positives and negatives, accompanied by frantic research. I don’t want to do that anymore as it it just leaves me obsessing more. I want to learn to surrender to what is, sit with the discomfort and my fear of NOT KNOWING.

What I did last night when I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep any time soon, I went to my mat. I just sat and did a few breathing exercises till I felt calmer.

Was my anxiety gone this morning? Not completely. But it feels more bearable. I still notice a faint flutter in my chest but that’s not all of who I am.

I still did my Yoga practice this morning. A very slow one with long breaths to further calm my nervous system. I did write my post and I am looking forward to my bike ride this afternoon. THANK YOU!

What I am grateful for today:

  • The tools (like breathwork) I have
  • Going to my mat at night and this morning
  • The spiced apple and chai for breakfast

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